Amanda / Owner








Amanda has been in the business since 2001. After doing national education for Aveda, Italian Vogue, NY Fashion Week, and Aveda hairshows, she decided to start her own salon to pass on the opportunity to motivated hairstylists. Men's haircutting, precision haircutting, photoshoots, and styling are her true passion. "My favorite part of the industry is that I can never get bored. There's always business, creativity, and quality to be learned." 

hannah / Stylist

As a northeast Minneapolis native, Hannah graduated from the Aveda Institute in 2017. She is following in her mother's footsteps as a hairstylist and spent endless time growing up in her mother's salon. In her free time, Hannah dances, primarily in modern dance and ballet, and cuddles her (not quite) kitten, Twinkle. "Haircutting is my way to express the creativity that would otherwise stay bottled up. I think in shapes and love to apply the subtlety of them in to each haircut.  Even my tattoos are geometric!"


Taylor / Stylist

A Chicago transplant, Taylor attended Hair Professionals in Illinois and started her career in men's hair in 2013. She recently became an educator for American Crew, which enables her to explore new cities and lifestyles. Taylor is an enthusiastic Cubs fan and enjoys drinking tea, reading books, and hanging out with her cat, Bella. "My favorite part about cutting hair is offering a calming energy to my clients and sharing a meaningful connection with them."

Justine / Front Desk

Justine's background is in journalism and education, but her love for wellness led her to the hair industry. Equal parts homebody and vagabond, she is passionate about music, travel, holistic wellness, and creative expression. Outside of work, she can be found writing at a cafe, listening to music, cooking, and exploring the city's art and music scene. She appreciates witty banter, impromptu travel, and meeting new people.

Elle / Stylist

Elle graduated from the Aveda Institute Minneapolis in 2004.  She completed the Cosmetology and Esthiology program and found her love for hair in the process. Elle enjoys all aspects of hair and specializes in men’s cutting and styling. She is very detail oriented and loves having someone leave with a new and crisp look. "I love design in all forms; whether it be a haircut/style or home decor. I love seeing something come together that I've designed."  


Bethany / Stylist

Bethany is a creative in many forms: stylist, painter, writer, poetess, traveler, activist, mother. She has an unwavering passion for pampering souls and helping people feel good inside and out. After joining our Uptown team in January, she is bringing her empathetic and worldly expertise to the downtown clientele.