Men's Hair Services

Women's Hair Services

Men's Fine Tuning

Need a clean up? We'll gladly trim the neck, sideburns, ears, and eyebrows for you in between haircuts.  




The Men's Signature Haircut

Scalp massage, shampoo, condition, and a custom haircut from start to finish. We finish up with a hot towel and second rinse just to get those little hairs off to let you get through the rest of your day.




Grey Blending for Men

Blend the grey in naturally without the risk of an artificial look to show off your new haircut.





Mini Facial (For Men or Women)

The mini facial will revitalize your skin. We customize the products to help balance and brighten your skin.





Men's Brow Wax or Ear wax

Says it all



Men's Botanical Scalp Therapy

This is a deep cleanse for the scalp, featuring a refreshing massage with wintergreen-derived salicylic acid that gently exfoliates your scalp and removes build up that may effect healthy hair growth.




Please inquire if there is another service you are interested in. Thank you.






Complimentary Bang Trims for Clients


Women's Basic Haircut

Scalp massage, shampoo, condition and a custom, shaped haircut to fit your everyday style. 

This includes a rough dry with your choice of a basic flat brush blow dry or diffused for curly hair. This is a 45min service.


Women's Upgraded Haircut 

Scalp massage, shampoo, condition and a custom, shaped haircut to fit your everyday style. 

This includes a round brush set, or if we use any heated tools. This is a 60min service. 

(This is typically for someone with long, thick hair who wants it styled)


Women's Waxing

Brow wax: $15

Lip Wax: $12

Brow and lip wax: $20


Women's Haircolor

Retouch from:  $65 -$75

All Over from: $90-100

Partial Foil from: $80 - $110

Full Foil from: $100-$135

Balayage Color from: $100-220

Color Correction from: $150 +

(consultation for exact price)



This is a service for highly textured hair to lessen the curls. We can relax them a little or get it straight. This service includes a polished blowdry.


From $65


Women's Special Occasion Styling

Let us be a part of your special day by making you feel great and looking fabulous!


From $75

Women's Botanical Hair Treatment

Your hair will look healthier and shinier from this intense moisture treatment

From $15